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  • How Landing on my Ass Led to Dog Training

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    It started with me on my back in a parking lot, dressed in a skirt, at 6:30 in the morning. It wasn’t a pretty picture. And it sure wasn’t pretty as the day wore on and my bruises developed.

    Part of my “sandwich” is that my oldest son and his girlfriend live with me while they save for a house; COVID has delayed that timeline.

    a picture of two of the young adults in my sandwich which makes up some of the sandwiched needs


    My Sandwich

    I have 2 dogs, and they brought their 2 dogs. So, we live in a pack. We are, indeed, outnumbered. The humans each work full time, and I take the 2 younger dogs to “doggy daycare.”

    pictures of the dogs that were going to daycare and pulled me to the ground with their excitement

    One of those 2 dogs is other-dog reactive. Not aggressive, but he gets too excited and hasn’t learned how to direct and manage that energy. These 2 dogs are not small, and between Alicrities’ excitement and Jocosis’ power, they took me down in the parking lot.

    So, I outsourced dog training. I thought taking you with me on the decision making would be a good model to show a decision matrix on common barriers to outsourcing I see in clients.

    Here are some of the common objections to outsourcing I hear:

    1. It costs too much to outsource
    2. I can do it myself
    3. I can do it better
    4. My (relative of some kind) doesn’t agree
    5. I “should” be able to do it myself
    6. I feel guilty

    Cost vs. Benefit

    Cost – The cost to train dogs can seem prohibitive to some budgets. I was/am already paying for the daycare, and adding *more* seemed daunting. To be honest, it’s the reason the dogs had not been professionally trained yet.

    Another “cost” is convenience – although their training is at their daycare facility, the training availability is not always during their daycare time. This means extra trips to the facility – and one major reason to outsource is to save time.

    Benefit – Professional training. Could any of or a combination of the 3 of use watch YouTube, read a book, or watch a Great Courses course on dog training? Absolutely. But is it the best use of our non-working time? Probably not. My younger adults invest in recreation ranging from gaming to crafting to working out. These are definitely a better use of their time. In my case, I am usually in a job/work/student role. My few recreation hours are best spent in activities that nurture, not tire, me.

    More pleasant, socialized dogs – Most people love my pack of dogs, but being able to walk them and have them respond to voice direction would make it easier to live with them.

    Decision Result

    Having trained dogs has been prioritized for health and safety reasons. It was not the way I wanted to use my personal resources of time, energy, and money. But, accepting that I am in the situation, it was the best decision to address the problem.

    Do you have an issue you want to work through and decide if outsourcing is your best option? Check out my coaching packages here.

    (Because I love supporting local businesses when I can give good endorsements, their daycare and training is at i lucky dog on Clay/Mason. I love their staff and service.)

    another picture of my sandwiched kids and a dog and to reinforce the idea that I need to outsource to have support and help